Why You Should Consider Hiring a PI for Your Business

As your business in Singapore grows and the revenue from your business starts coming in, you will be needing more sophisticated systems, equipment, and you will be hiring more people. Because of this, you will be making more connections in order to keep your business growing.

What Business Security Means for You
Every business should consider the importance of security, no matter how big or small they are, and the “it-won’t-happen-to-me” mindset of many business owners can often end up with their business’s sensitive data and information being compromised.

As a business owner, you should always be alert and vigilant when it comes to taking care and protecting your business. Certain attacks can compromise large businesses significantly, but they can be disastrous for small businesses.

What affects your business doesn’t just affect you, but also affects the people you are working with, from your employees to your business partners in Singapore, which is why you shouldn’t just wait for a breach – you need to take precautions and steps to ensure its security.

How Private Investigators Can Help Secure Your Business
Other than using their skills to catch cheating spouse, locate/find missing persons and property, and conduct surveillance on people, a private investigator agency is more than capable of applying their expertise to help secure your business.

A private investigator will often do/specialize in a wide variety of work related to surveillance and data gathering. Here are a few ways that hiring a private investigator services in Singapore can help you as a business owner:

1. Business background investigations
When it comes to making connections with client and contracting suppliers, you want to make sure that the people you are making connections, contracts, and deals with are legitimate and trustworthy.

Depending on the case, it may take a while for your private investigator to find out everything you need to know about the business/company/organization that you are dealing with. Your private investigator in Singapore would advise you to consult a lawyer before proceeding.

Background checks can also be used to observe employee movement, and many companies are in fact requiring employees to undergo background checks before hiring.

2. General Business Investigations
Effective risk management is a big step towards profit, and because receivables from trade debtors from accounts often represent up to almost half of a company’s assets (which is often an uninsured current asset), transparency is now more important than ever.

A business information report is a useful general-purpose tool that you can use to find out information about a particular company, which can vary depending on the legal and business environment that that particular company is in.

A private investigator can use surveillance to observe personnel, business premises, and even vehicles and locations, and then document their observations to be used in the future. Not only does this provide you with valuable information, but also secures your business transactions.

3. Employee surveillance
Protecting your business from negligent hiring is especially important in order for your business to profit. A private investigator can also use their skills to observe a person and gather information which can be used to either confirm or debunk a suspicion on one of the following:

• Theft/embezzlement
• Compensation
• Personal injury/disability claims/sick leave abuse
• Product tampering/counterfeiting
• Work habits/daily activity
• Drug abuse

A highly skilled and experienced private investigator will be able to carry out checks and document any evidence to support or debunk suspicions. This documentation can be on paper, but can also be documented with the use of other media, such as videos, photographs, and even audio.

A private investigator will often perform checks on a potential employee’s criminal background, credit reports, and education verifications. This minimizes your risk of employing candidates who may be potentially involved in fraud, abuse, or criminal activity.

4. Asset Checks
In many businesses, assets aren’t always easily identified with the use of existing public records, especially when they are held under different names or by other names in which assets are filed under.

These assets are often bank accounts that are either classified as brokerage or offshore, but can also extend to more physical properties such as real estate, vehicles, and income sources and liabilities such as civil litigations, defaults, and even bankruptcies.

Asset verification services offered by private investigation agencies are designed to find and identify assets held either by individuals and/or companies, and the analysis that goes into locating them often leads into more information as to their nature.

Choosing a Private Investigator Services in Singapore
The field of private investigation is really varied and diverse, which is why it helps to inquire about both their expertise and level of experience in specific case types and fields. If the PI is experienced in cases that are similar to yours, you can be confident in the quality of their services.

You can even expect the private investigator firm to have specialist agents who are exceptional at working certain types of cases, and you will often be referred to the agent who will be handling your case.

Be sure to choose a PI agency that is not just licensed and insured, (all PI’s under the Private Security Industry Act are required to be licensed) but also experienced in court hearings and proceedings as a professional witness, as many private investigators will do whether they are working solo or as part of a larger firm.