What You Need to Remember About Property Rental in Saigon

Are you planning to have your next vacation at Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam? Here are the basics of hunting for property rentals in the busiest city in Vietnam today.

House Rentals

If you want to rent a house in Ho Chi Minh City, you need to consider the following factors:

• Where do you want to stay in Ho Chi Minh City? Saigon has 24 districts in total, each with a distinct characteristic and even slight differences in the quality of rental deals, accessibility to public utilities, transportation, and food prices. The busiest districts such as Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 have steeper prices when it comes to accommodation. It can also be difficult to rent a house in districts that cater to a lot of expats because you will most likely be competing with other tourists.

• What are the amenities? When renting of nice houses for expats in Vietnam HCMC is part of your plans, make sure to do a physical tour of the property first before finally deciding to determine if the appliances and furniture are in good condition. Inspect the refrigerator, range, washing machine, dishwasher, and other basic amenities such as water, electricity, phone, and Internet before you finally rent a house.

• What are the terms of payment? Discuss the terms of payment with your landlord and clarify all the clauses included in a written agreement. Do not pay for or agree to anything that is not written or documented especially if they are asking for an advance payment or deposit.

Villa Rentals

A villa has more privacy and amenities than a house, that is why if you are looking for a villa rental in Vietnam, you should inspect the property before agreeing to anything. Ideally, a villa rental should be negotiated with the help of a tour operator in Ho Chi Minh City to make sure that it is legitimate.

• Speak to the Owner. Shady deals in villa rentals are common especially if you are using the Internet to book accommodations. To avoid scams, you must insist on speaking personally with the owner either in person or on the phone. This is crucial if you are planning to rent in upscale neighborhoods, so if you want to stay at D7 or District 7 in Ho Chi Minh City, it would be better to book the rental months ahead.

• Look for Paperwork. Any type of agreement whether it’s a Saigon apartment rental or a villa rental should have a paper trail. Do not send any money if you have not received any paperwork, especially if the listing requires a security deposit. If you can, avoid wire money transfers for payments because they might be difficult to trace.

• Look for Alternatives. Some upscale villas can be very pricy for some, but there are affordable but quality villa rental in Ho Chi Minh City for those who want to enjoy the quieter and more peaceful districts.

Apartment Rentals

Apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City might be the most affordable choice for you. Some of the best deals are the vin house at central park for rent at Binh Thanh district in Vietnam, which is a lot less hectic and crowded than District 1. There are a lot of options as well to rent apartment in Saigon for those who have a limited budget. Apartments are self-contained properties almost similar to a house, but you can also enjoy shared amenities such as swimming pools and gym which you might also find in condominiums and hotels. If hotels and houses are too pricey for you, it might be better to rent apartment in Saigon instead.

• Look for the Best Amenities. If you want to rent apartment at HCMC, make sure to inspect the unit first before paying or signing a contract. Check for the following: cell phone reception, water pressure, noise from neighbors, electrical outlets and switches, Internet connection, transportation, and the nearest restaurants, hospitals, and markets.

• Check for Pests. With the demand for Saigon apartment rental among tourists and expats, it is to be expected that there have been several occupants before you. Once common problem in most apartments are the pests. Inspect the common hiding places of vermin such as the sink, bathroom, cupboards, and fridge.

• Make Sure It’s Secure. Look for an apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City that is located in safe neighborhoods. One indication of this is a significant presence of tourists, but if you want to stay in less busy districts, find place to stay in district 2 in Saigon city and make sure the property is located in a gated community with 24-hour security. Look for a place in D2 or anywhere else that has security bolts or bars, adequate lighting, safe parking space, and a working fire alarm system.

Condominium Rentals

If it is impossible to rent apartment at HCMC during the busiest times of the year, you might also want to opt for a condominium rental. For example, staying in hotels in District 1 might be too expensive for you, so look for condominium rental in district 1, D1 that offers the same amenities at a more affordable price. So, what’s the difference between a condominium and apartment? Condominiums are completely owned and is usually a form of housing tenure, similar to a piece of real estate. An apartment on the other hand occupies only one part of a building and is usually bought to be rented. Condominiums also have more amenities than an apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City, although upscale apartments are starting to blur the lines.

• Is it Accessible? The best condominiums in Ho Chi Minh City are near roads, bus stops, hospitals, markets, and restaurants. Usually the condominium complex also houses its own restaurants, gym, shops, cafes, and others.

• Is it Fully-Furnished? Most condominiums like apartments are furnished with the basic amenities, but if you are paying a hefty price, it should include more than just the usual kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom appliances and furniture.

• Are there Bonus Services? High-end condominiums in Vietnam are also fully-serviced. Look for condominiums that have laundry, valet, transportation, and gourmet kitchen services.