Wedding Flowers: What they symbolize and when to pick them

Whether you’re a wedding florist in Singapore or a bride/groom looking to pick out which blooms should go best for the venue or theme, you can definitely agree that no wedding is complete without the wedding flowers and the floral decor.

Finding the best flowers for your wedding may seem challenging at first, especially because there are so many to choose from. However, this doesn’t have to be a problem. Below is a list of some of the most popular wedding flowers for you to get started.

The peony is perhaps the most popular flower in Singapore – and there’s a reason why. In Chinese, the word translates into “most beautiful”, and the multicolored choices each symbolize different things. For instance, red peonies symbolize prosperity and wealth, while pink peonies are for romantic love and a happy marriage ahead.

Some types of peonies, such as Burgundy, are available in November and December, while others are available from May to August, and usually peak during June. They require little care and can last up to two weeks before wilting.

What else could be said about the quintessential wedding flower for any bridal bouquet? Countless poets and writers throughout the ages have used the rose as a metaphor for beauty, passion, and love, and makes it an all-star not just in weddings but also in all romantic occasions in general.

With more than three thousand commercially-grown varieties to choose from, a rose is never boring to look at, even though not all of them are scented. Some likely candidates at the Singapore bridal bouquet shop for your wedding flowers include the hybrid tea rose, the spray rose, and the garden rose.

One of the best things about roses is that most of their commercially-grown varieties are available year-round and are not only surprisingly affordable, but can last for quite a while.

These symbols of love, trust, friendship, and patience come in different dazzling hues of not just red, pink, and purple, but also in other colors, such as white and blue. Asters are thought to have the power of attracting affection.

Another quality that asters have is their versatility – they are good either mixed with other flowers in a bridal bouquet or on their own. They are also able to thrive in hot weather, which makes certain varieties of aster flowers available all year round.

Cymbidium Orchid
Singapore’s national flower comes in many different enchanting hues that make it a versatile selection for any floral decor: pink for affection and joy, red for passion and strength, yellow for friendship and new beginnings, white for beauty and elegance, and purple for royalty and admiration.

Cymbidium orchids are also really long lasting and are able to thrive in any weather and condition, which makes them ideal as wedding flowers in a tropical country, from bridal bouquet to wedding car decor.

Calla Lily
Also known as the arum lily, the calla lily is an elegant flower with trumpet-shaped blossoms that is said to symbolize “magnificent beauty”. Its distinctive form has been depicted in both Art Deco and Art Nouveau as well as in modern photography.

There are two varieties that are available year-round in Singapore: one is a large-headed with a long, smooth stem, and another, smaller variety that works great for use in boutonnieres for both bridesmaids and groomsmen.

These big, bold blooms symbolizing adoration, faithfulness, and dedicated love are sure to bring joy and brighten up any room. They are famously named for following the direction of the sun as they grow.

Sunflowers are usually in season from April to November and peak from June to August, and stay in bloom for about ten days when trimmed. If you’re looking to save by choosing flowers for your wedding, look no further than the sunflower for your floral decor. Most stalks are tall at five feet, but some can tower as high as twelve.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Flowers
It’s normal to be shocked once you see the price tag for all the floral decorations at in Singapore for your wedding – flowers can be expensive not just because of the fact that they may not be in season or in high demand (some flowers depend heavily on the season to bloom), but because of the storing and arranging necessary to make them look their best.

The price tag also depends on how big your wedding is – the bigger the venue and the more people present, the more centerpieces and floral decor you will need, as well as the time your florist/s will need to pre-order, transport, and arrange everything and take them down once the wedding is over.

Budget is the biggest factor that you need to consider when planning the decorations for your reception. While taking inspiration from different sources can give you a direction for what the wedding should look like, too many images can be confusing and distracting for both you and your florist.

Be sure to contact your wedding florist in Singapore and make sure the two of you are on the same page. Whether it’s for your wedding car decor or for a centerpiece, choosing wedding flowers that fit the theme and the venue while at the same time not blowing your budget is a challenge, but can be highly rewarding once everything follows through.

(Disclaimer: This list is compiled in no particular order.)