Dear Sisters,

A huge thanks to Abigail Collazo and Turner Strategies for offering this brilliant twitter training.

*To listen to the audio recording of the training and view Abigail’s Power Point presentation fill out this request form

*Read the call notes here:*

*NEW Women Occupy Twitter List:*!/raeabileah/women-occupy/

Click on that link and you can subscribe to the list, or add it to your hootsuite as a column!

Overwhelmed? Need a Twitter 101?  Please reach out to us: Magda Freedom Rod, Occupy LA, CODEPINK LA – billionwomenrise [at ] and Janet Weil, CODEPINK grassroots coordinator, Occupy Oakland – janet.weil [at]

If you are new to twitter and this training moved too fast for you, we would like to give you one-on-one support and if there’s enough interest we can also arrange a twitter 101 training call – Magda has been facilitating twitter 101 trainings via her livestream work in the Occupy Movement.
The best way to learn is through practice practice practice!

See the compiled directory of Women Occupy twitter handles (so far) below.

Women Occupy

Women Occupy twitter handles*
(Janet and I will work on creating a twitter list of these!)

Women Occupy – @womenoccupy @womenows @wowsnyc (Women Occupy Wall Street
Caucus) @codepink @occupywomen

Abigail Collazo – @abigailcollazo and @fem2pt0
Alice Slater – @aliceslater
Barbara Heisler – @barbara07040
Celia Alario – @celiaalario
Colleen Kelly – @colleenkelly, @insteadofwar, @stloccupy and @stlpsc
Cristina Castro – @crisforpeace
Dana Balicki – @danabalicki
Dorothy Abbott – @womenoneworld
Eliz Barger – @1377Eliz
Elizabeth Coss @ChangeThruArt
Ellen Sturtz – @eos16
Janet Weil – @JanetRWeil and @wardollarshome
Jo Beall – @freespiritnc
Jodie Evans – @heartofj and @billionRiseLA
Lacy MacAuley – @lacymacauley
Liz Butler – @lizdc1
Liza Sabater – @blogdiva
Magda Freedomrod – @occupyfreedomla
Melanie G – @gomelanie
Melanie Butler – @butmel
Nancy Mancias – @nancymancias
Nelini Stamp – @nelstamp
Nicole Corre – @nicolecorre
Nina Klooster – @ninaforpeace
Portia – @usarevolution12
Prabsimran Sachdev – @Simran84
Quester09 – @_jester09_
Rae Abileah – @raeabileah
Robin Ryan – @hapiomusette
*Stephanie Rogers* ‏ @veace <>
Women’s Media Center – @womensmediacenter

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