Top 8 Tips for Hiring a Live Band in Singapore for Your Wedding Reception

Choosing the right music (and the person/people to play that said music) can be a particularly daunting task once you actually get around to it – not only does it have to be appropriate for the theme of your wedding, but you also have to make sure that your guests actually enjoy the music.

Here are eight tips to make sure you land a deal with the best wedding live band in Singapore:

1. Do your homework
This is extremely crucial when it comes to finding a wedding live band for your wedding reception. Unlike the old days, however, it can be as simple as a five-second search on Google to find a number of bands in Singapore whose musical style matches the theme of your wedding.

If samples of the band’s wedding live music performances are available via CD, DVD, or online on their websites or social media profiles, take the time to listen to it carefully. As much as possible, look for their live performances like watching white ribbon live band for weddings in Singapore and not the studio quality versions, which are most likely edited using music programs.

2. Get recommendations from your friends and family
If you’re still not sure as to which band you should hire for your wedding live music after reading their social media profiles like or websites online, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from your friends and family.
While it’s important to keep an open mind to the suggestions, you should also be prepared to say no if the option presented to you doesn’t match the theme that you’re going for in your wedding.

3. If a deal for a band is too good to be true, watch out – it might not be
If the band is cheap, the band leader may be compensating by cutting costs somewhere else. For instance, the sound system that band is using may be sub-par, or that the band leader doesn’t really have a band but contracts other musicians to play with him for the gig.

When it comes to these factors, be sure to ask the wedding live band leader about his/her experience as well as how long the band has been together, and how many gigs the band has performed in.

While most bands have their own set prices, there’s a good chance that you can get a good deal during the “off” season, which is often between late December and March, when there isn’t much demand for wedding bands.

4. Contact the band regarding their sick leaves and cancellation policies
Policies on sick days and cancellations will also help you make sure that the band you’re looking for is available on the day that you want them to perform.

Band members that fall sick need reliable replacements that you should also meet in advance before proceeding to hire said band. The band like in Singapore should also have a positive history of being able to actually show up for the gig on time and ready.

When it comes to scheduling, it’s also important to ask the wedding live band in Singapore you want if they have another gig before or after yours. If they don’t – and you’re looking into having them perform overtime – you should ask about their overtime fees beforehand.

5. Check if the band has any liability insurance before signing the contract
Many venues in Singapore now require bands and vendors to have an insurance certificate before being allowed to play or do business, and most bands that you can hire these days are likely to have it.
As the person planning the whole event, you need to make sure that everybody is protected just in case something happens.

6. If it will take the band more than a while, book their accommodations
As their client, you’re not just paying them in cash – you also have to pay for their accommodation and food, as well as any other fees that may be included once you sign the contract. This is true if you have to fly over your wedding live band to Singapore from a different country.

7. Consider the venue restrictions
Before thinking about booking, paying your deposit, or signing the contract, be sure to check your venue first to make sure that it allows the band to perform at their best without the sound being drowned out or muffled.
Oftentimes, many venues in Singapore will have sound limiters that can reduce all sound once a certain volume is reached. Should your chosen venue have this, inform your band as early as possible to allow them to prepare.

8. Don’t micromanage the band
At most, you should have the sets planned out one or two times with the band leader. You can trust them after that to be able to read the audience and know which songs to perform.

This is because the bands that you are looking into have most likely already performed for other brides and grooms. They already know what set lists will work for your guests and will get people excited on the dance floor.

It would be even better if the band already has a set sequence of songs from their portfolio that both you and the band leader have agreed to play for the reception. Timing is also crucial here – ideally, if your reception will take place at night, don’t let the evening peak too soon.