June 2012
Santa Cruz Community TV Show: “Moving Forward” with Ann Simonton and Mathilde Rand.
Every  Wed. @ 8:30PM.
The program on the Occupy Movement begins on 6/6/2012, and includes clips from the Oakland May Day BBQ  and a call in from Women Occupier, Nancy Mancias of Glittering Pawlenty Fame (watch) from her work in Chicago. Let’s roll up our sleeves for the long struggle toward social change, else we remain the spectators of democracy, rather than the participants.Here are the current times for Moving Forward #4 Occupy
+    Wed    06/20/12    08:30 PM    Channel 27/73
+    Wed    06/13/12    08:30 PM    Channel 27/73
+    Tue    06/12/12    10:30 AM    Channel 27/73
+    Sat    06/09/12    05:00 PM    Channel 27/73
+    Wed    06/06/12    08:30 PM    Channel 27/73
+    Tue    06/05/12    11:30 PM    Channel 27/73
Comcast channel 27/ Charter cable channel 73 Santa Cruz County only.

May 16, 2012
Occupy Women: Will Feminism’s Fourth Wave Be a Swell or a Ripple? by Megan Boler

March 29, 2012
“Push to End Too Big to Fail Goes Mainstream” (Int’l Women’s Day action featured in Rolling Stone article on big banks) by Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

Bust Bank of America Action Photos!
Includes Violent Arrest Pics

Women Bust Corporate Greed & Big Bank Corruption on International Women’s Day
March 8th, 2012
Press Coverage of Bust Bank of America Action!

Occupy Wall Street, Faces Of Zuccotti Park: The Woman In Pink
December 2nd, 2011
Huffington Post, Occupy Wall Street