Feminist General Assembly (FemGA) Agenda Template

Feminist General Assembly (FemGA) Agenda Template
(The agenda is a suggested scaffolding so feel free to modify it to suit your Occupy community)

1. People gathering

2. Introduce Fem GA (history of women in your Occupy) – 5 minutes

3. Gathering: performance – 8 minutes

4. Popcorn/food shared values: 10 minutes (shared values to find
commonality and a values framework for action)

5. Story telling/consciousness raising: find 2-3 people you don’t
know… suggested questions: – 15 minutes

  • a. What personal experiences have drawn you to, or alienated you from, feminism?
  • b. How does being a feminist make your life easier or harder?

6. Break Out Group Discussion – suggested questions: – 50 minutes

  • a. What do you think are the three main goals for feminism today?
  • b. What are you already doing regarding these goals, or would you like to do for them?
  • c.What help do you need from your allies? What can we collectively do to bring about change toward these goals moving forward?

7. Report backs: 25 minutes

8. Announcements – (Space for organizations to share their projects and invite people to speak to them afterward – This is a good opportunity to announce your next Fem GA planning meeting here so interested people can attend, and take a temperature check on the next GA’s time frame). – 25 minutes

9. Thank everyone for coming. – 3 minutes

10. Closing: Movement/Stretching/Hugging/Singing – 8 minutes

Additional notes:

Facilitation: It’s suggested Fem GA planners should be the facilitators of the GA. It is likely you will need more facilitators for the breakout groups.

Mic check: Yes

On Conflict and Consensus; a handbook on Formal Consensus decision making

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