Conference Calls

Women Occupy conference call for Friday Aug 3rd has been cancelled. To register for the call click (here).

Check out the notes from the last conference call.

Gender Concepts and Terms

At Women Occupy we embrace all forms of identity and strive to respect everyone’s right to self-identify with respect to gender. We also recognize that many people are not familiar with anti-oppressive and non-binary gender terms, and offer the following resources as a guide to discussing gender in a more inclusive and liberating way.

Guidelines for Participation and Communication

  • Be Curious and Open to Learning: Listen to and be open to hearing all points of view.  Maintain a attitude of exploration and learning.
  • Balance Advocacy and Inquiry:  Seek to learn and understand as much as you might want to persuade.  Conversations are as much about listening as it is about talking.
  • Show Respect and Suspend Judgment:  Setting judgments aside will enable you to learn from others and contribute to others experiencing being respected and appreciated.
  • Seek Alignment rather than Agreement: Alignment is shared intention, whereas agreement is having a shared belief or opinion.
  • Be Purposeful and to the Point: Notice if what you are conveying is or is not “on purpose” to the question at hand.  Notice if you are making the same point more than once.  Do your best to make your point quickly with honesty and depth.
  • Own and Guide the Conversation or Process:  Take responsibility for the quality of your participation and the quality of the work conversations by noticing what’s happening and actively support getting yourself and others back “on purpose” when needed.
  • Be Excellent to Each other: Share what’s important to you.  Speak authentically; from your personal and heart felt experience.  Be considerate to others who are doing the same.