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Tool Kit to Host a Feminist General Assembly (FemGA)
FemGA Agenda Template
FemGA Talking Points

The Occupy Wall Street movement sprung into action with hundreds of May Day demonstrations taking place across the country. Now activists in the movement are heading to Charlotte, NC to bust up Bank of America and Chicago to protest NATO.

In September, thousands of us met at Occupy Wall Street in New York City, and in other cities, to create our vision to confront corporate greed and monetary inequality. Now we’re meeting to talk about the steps we’ll take locally to bring women’s voices and rights to the forefront of the movement.

That’s why on May 17; women will be gathering at Washington Square Park in New York City at 6:30pm to hold a historic OWS Feminist General Assembly (FemGA). We’re given this incredible opportunity to hold a FemGA of our own.

Can you host a Feminist General Assembly on May 17 in your community or local Occupy?

Yes, I can host!

We can’t let the war on women continue to grow between now and the election. We must organize and raise our voices!

Can you help push for women’s voices by hosting a FemGA on May 17 or another day?

It can be a simple gathering with feminism as the theme; people can speak out, have discussions, see if proposals come out of the conversation. If you host a FemGA, a sample agenda will be sent to you.

Yes, I can host!

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