Two Years Later!

Two Years Later!

September 17 marks the 2nd anniversary of Occupy Wall Street! The second anniversary is as important as the first; we’ve made it two years, but college debt, monetary inequality, war and greed are still the norm. The second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street is an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and hit the streets!
Join Women Occupy on the 2nd anniversary in NYC as we distribute Bank of America pledge cards and I heart 99% stickers!

Check out the schedule for September 17 via!

  • S17 2nd Anniversary of OWS – All Day Actions Debrief. Stay tuned for more details
7a – 10pm
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  • S-17 Action in Support of Fast Food Workers@McDonald’s (location TBA)-Labor Outreach Committee of OWS. Details and location TBA
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  • TPP puppet theater spectacle Money Warz in Times Square. We seek 200 volunteer masked performers in Times Square at NOON on S-17 for the spectacle, and following actions at Schumer/Gillibrand’s offices, Pfizer, and will team up with Robin Hood tax folks at Bryant Park.
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  • S17 Peoples Exchange. Bring food, clothing, books, and ideas to share.
All day
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  • On September 17th we demand that Wall Street pay for its crimes! The Robin Hood Tax is a financial transaction tax that takes .05% of all financial transactions and puts that money towards essential social services like health care, student debt, global health, AIDS prevention and more.
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For more details and updated information about events visit Interoccupy.Net or

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