Have you heard #OccupyWallStreet is coming home on June 1st?

Dear Women Occupy,

On June 1st, Occupy Wall Street is coming home. It’s important that we raise our voices!

Join us at Liberty Plaza for a celebration of all we’ve done on the first nice Saturday of summer, and recommit to all we still have left to do together!


This Occupy Homecoming is designed to help us reconnect with each other, as well as to the great work that lies still before us. The struggle has continued on, and we have continued to struggle – but social distance has drawn us apart from the shared community we once so intimately embraced. We want to re-engage with each other so that we can draw on each others’ strength and share support in our challenge against the powers that be.

Head to occupyhomecoming.net for the full schedule.

RSVP on Facebook, and find more details on NYCGA.net.

We the people are too big to fail! Come Re-Occupy with us.

Join us!

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