Bustin’ BofA on International Women’s Day in Los Angeles at Beverly Hills and East Hollywood branches

We were a group of at least 30 people who attracted even more with a good mix of women and men, young and old. We were at Bank of America in Beverly Hills near Rodeo Drive and the “Golden Triangle” of conspicuous consumption. When we arrived LA County Sheriffs were already inside the bank blocking the entrances alongside security guards. But we, as SuperS/Z/Heros, were undeterred. We took to the streets around the bank with banners and signs – “Too Big To Care”, “Bustin’ BofA on International Women’s Day” – and gave out fliers and information. One of us, donning a flowing purple cape and Shero wristlets, made it into the bank to distribute fliers for several moments.

Much of the action poured into the street and steps at a second door of the BofA branch where we attempted to enter while calling out, “Here we come to save the day! We are bustin’ BofA. Yay!”

Our path was blocked, but we remained determined to foil the illegal capers of Bank of America and it’s CEO who received millions in bonuses again last year. Police and security closed the doors prompting MightyWoman in a gold mask with silken pink wings to fly a banner reading, “Closed Due to Moral Turpitude”, while another Shero held up the caution tape to stave off unsuspecting would-be victims of BofA.

WonderGirl, decked out in shimmery blue and red, arrested BofA CEO Brian Moynihan with pink fuzzy handcuffs (played by the youngest demonstrator – an 11 year old school student).

When we later descended upon the BofA in East Hollywood, police and security had already erected barricades to foil our good deeds. With police and security guards inside and outside the building, what could we do but take it to the streets. Banners, signs, songs, chants, fliers, a Really Free Market bag of give-aways, and the Wonder Woman theme song.

Actions were covered by press outlets including the Beverly Hills Courier, Park La Brea News, Beverly Hills Patch, Huffington Post, KABC, KTLA and the OC Weekly.

More pictures here and here.

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