International Women’s Day highlights from Women Occupy

Report backs are still coming in from around the country, but we know that we had an impact, in person, in costume, online and in the media, about the misdeeds and corruption of Bank of America.

Busting BofA and getting busted: In New York City, Jodie, Medea and Rae interrupted B of A CEO Brian Moynihan’s speech at Citi’s Financial Services conference at the Waldorf Astoria wearing pink bras, proclaiming “Bust up Bank of America!” and taking the mike to make a statement.  Following that, Medea, Rae and another activist “busted” the Bank of America across the street from Zuccotti Park, home of Occupy Wall Street, and their very simple, quick action resulted in the brutal arrest of Rae, Medea, and Occupy activists Monica and Mark. These events were featured in widespread media coverage, including by the New York Times, the New York Post, the Wall Street Journal and more! See photos, videos and media links here.  Medea wrote a great account of our whole adventure here.

In Beverly Hills and East Hollywood, supersheroes and allies, to the chant of “Here we come to save the day, we’re busting B of A,” conducted a mock arrest of Bank of America President and CEO Brian Moynihan. Fabulous photos here plus report back here.

In San Francisco, 3 supersheroes — Foreclosure Fighter, Silver Server (serving up cold hard justice) and Fraud Buster — with friends shut down 2 B of A branches near 101 Market Street, the original site of Occupy SF and also “busted up” 2 ATMs. KPFA interviewed organizer Nancy Mancias and Tamara “Foreclosure Fighter” Cushway; go to 7 minutes in here.

In Oakland, singer-songwriter Betsy Rose, singers with Occupella and community members brought our message in musical form to the main branch of B of A in Oakland. Two livestreamers with Occupy Oakland covered the action LIVE for over an hour. We were joined by Susan Harman, a banking expert/activist with Public Banking Institute, and Cynthia Papermaster as “Helen Keller”, reading HK’s quotes about resisting the big banksters of her era, exactly 100 years ago. We shut down B of A and Sharon held a sign, “Closed Due to Moral Failure.”

We felt new energy, met new folks coming into this movement, and had a lot of fun! (Well, maybe not so much in NYC where 4 activists were in jail for over 27 hours…)

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  1. Mg Eddie Bear says:

    I am in need of your services I was with OB and was voted out by the GA because of alligations of misconduct. One of the main ones where sexual comments toward my female peers. I will go in to greatter detail over the phone. But Maryland is my home and Baltimore my city. After the treatment i receveived at OB i am Packing up and going to NY. Also i really dont want to make any one feel uncomfortable in OB so ill just move on to Wall Street then to Okland cause i must see these great people that did what they did. I am taken every possible messure to restore my name and respect in the OB comminty. Thats why i contacted you guys I would like to tell my story and be critiqued and if need be instruched in manners relating to the opasite sex. I was rased by an apastilic pastor that was a firer women from the south and i know she turning in her grave at the allegations to ward me ..I even tould my aunt with is also a pastor about what happen. I do not want to be labled as a sexiest in the movement and i feel i have a lot to offer the movement .So i am taken evey step to right any wrong that i may have dine.. thank you look forward to your reply.

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