Super(s)hero Showdown with Bank of America for International Women’s Day!

Super(s)hero Showdown with Bank of America for International Women’s Day!

In the Golden Age of warrior princess Wonder Woman, villainous no-gooders  Duke of Deception, Earl of Greed and others organized world leaders to engage in war for gold and oil, and helped spread false information to provoke conflict.  For the better of humankind, Wonder Woman had numerous magic lasso showdowns with these comic book evil-doers.

This International Women’s Day, citizens across the country have a chance to use their superhuman strengths to stage a symbolic showdown with power monger, Bank of America.
Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan received a $9.05 million bonus in 2010 for his role in driving the country’s economic recession, and former CEO Ken Lewis awarded himself a $63 million retirement plan when he stepped down in September 2009, in addition to the $63 million he scored during the three years before his departure. Bank of America is the official bank of the US military and has branches by or on many bases, which allows them to entice military personnel to take out loans at usurious rates. Personal loans made to soldiers for a few thousand dollars can actually keep them indebted for the rest of their lives. Last May, Bank of America paid $22 million to settle charges of improperly foreclosing on active-duty troops.

Getting Super Started:
* Find a Bank of America in your town or city.

* Pick a time: chose a time when your Super Friends will be the most visible.

* Brainstorm on what kind of Super Friends action you’d like to organize, for example, Occupy protesters in New York organized a Halloween event showdown with corporate powers and in Santiago, Chile “hundreds of caped avengers” staged a dance flash mob.

* Visuals: allow extra time to create costumes, props/weapons, figure out theme music if your action requires it, come up with Super Power skills for your character and develop a Super Heroic name.

Here are some name suggestions: Refi Woman, Justice League, Foreclosure Fighter, Super Changemaker, Wonder Occupy Woman, The Invisible WORK Woman, Bandit of America, The Not-On-My-Watch Women and Mortgage-Backed Securities Buster (AKA “Buster” for short) or check out Superhero Name Generator.

* Spread the word: Once you’ve chosen the Bank of America location, the type of Super Friend action and time; it’s time to spread the word about the event. There are many ways to do this: submit your event to the WomenOccupy calendar; sidewalk chalk in front of Bank of America: ask a question? sidewalk chalk up and down the street and get people thinking; word of mouth; make an announcement at your Occupy (GA) general assembly; flier a local event; use social media: post on Twitter, update your Facebook status and create an events page; add to your personal blog.

* Press Release: submit a press release to your local media. Press release template coming soon!

The Day of the Super Action:
- Have costumes and props ready. If you’re action requires music, make sure sound is ready!
- Have a mailing list that people can sign to stay in touch.
- Have flyers available explaining the purpose of protesting Bank of America on International Women’s Day.
- Print out talking points. Coming soon!

Capture the Super Moment:
-Assign a volunteer to photograph, film and/or live stream (ustream) the action. Flickr link to post photos coming soon!
-Assign a volunteer to live tweet from the action. Use hashtag #woccupy #iwd


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