A simple way to Occupy Bank of America


Here’s your guide to doing a fun, effective action for early morning, lunch time, or end of business day on International Women’s Day, Thursday, March 8!

  • Find a Bank of America in your city.
  • Decide on a location and an exact time, such as NOON to 12:30, or 5:00 – 5:30 PM.  Add your action to the Women Occupy calendar.
  • Print out the FLYER with reasons to stop banking at B of A and how to move money to local banks or credit unions. Add your own info or use as is.
  • Invite your local folks to join you in this action using email, phone calls, facebook, twitter and in-person conversations.
  • Optional: Make a sign or banner – suggested slogans:
    Women Occupy Bank of America
    Justice for the 99%
    Break Up Bank of America!
    Bust Up Bank of America!
    Women say: Stop Foreclosures!
    Women say: No Evictions!

Ready, set, action! Suggested order of activities: Show up at the appointed time and place, outside the bank; display banners and/or signs; start with chants and then hand out flyers to bank customers and passersby; end with a rousing singing of one or more songs; and THANK folks for showing up.

Other optional activities:

Guide written by Janet Weil.  Questions?  Email Janet at info [at] codepink.org.

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