Welcome to Women Occupy!

Womenoccupy.org is a space to connect, share, learn, and build. We are working to aggregate and create resources of particular relevance to women and members of the #occupy movement who are committed to confronting patriarchy, heterosexism and transphobia.

Are you a trainer? Writer? Carpenter? Artist? Teacher? Women Occupy needs you!

To submit a resource, contribute to our blog, or offer a training, please email melanie[at]codepink.org with the subject heading “Women Occupy Resources.”

To start or join a conversation about your #occupy experience, visit our forum. For inspiration and updates on what’s happening across the movement check out the Tumblr and news pages. If you’re planning an event please add it to our calendar.

Together we can move beyond local occupations to build a truly transformative movement, one in which the voices of the 99% can be heard.

Please join us!

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