15 Common Problems in Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning systems are a necessity in all public buildings in Singapore and even in residential complexes and apartments. Unfortunately, an air conditioner is prone to a lot of problems if it is not installed properly or is poorly-maintained. Here are fifteen of the most common problems you need to watch out for in your air conditioning system.

1. Refrigerant Leaks. If you notice that the temperature of the room is fluctuating more frequently or you are not getting the same cooling effect from the air conditioner anymore, you should check for any leaks in the unit. The coolant or refrigerant is responsible for the cooling of the warm air from the room. Turn off the unit and call the nearest aircon repair services in Singapore.

2. AC Unit Gets Clogged Up. AC systems can have complex mechanisms inside the unit. The air in your home—along with the particles and pollutants floating around—cycle through these systems multiple times in a day. Just like how dust settles on surfaces, the air pressure and the spinning fan blades in your AC system will lodge particles onto the different crevices, surfaces and mechanical component of the unit.

The longer time you wait before you call a home AC repair man in Singapore to fix spoilt cooling machine and clogged air filter, the more particles will build up inside your air conditioning unit, blocking the air flow and eventually causing unit breakdown.

3. Poor Air Quality. Air quality can be affected by several factors such as a dirty filter, leaks, stagnant water, debris in the heat exchanger, and overheating of the aircon parts. Contact the best aircon servicing company if there are sudden changes in the performance of the air conditioning. Addressing minor problems as early as possible will prevent major aircon repair projects.

4. Faulty Thermostat. The thermostat needs to be calibrated regularly. Remember that it is the part of your air conditioner that controls and monitors the temperature in the room. If it cannot detect heat properly, then you will not be getting the same cooling effect anymore. Contact an aircon servicing company in Singapore for inspection.

5. Drainage Leaks. Make sure that the drainage line or drain pan is always clean, just like the aircon filter. Over time, it can get clogged with debris, causing water to back up into the system. Make sure that your unit gets a scheduled aircon maintenance to keep it clean.

6. Overheating Fuses or Breakers. The role of the breakers or fuses is to prevent the unit from overheating. It will trip when it detects the danger, causing the unit to stop operating. If this happens often, then it means that unit has a problem that needs to be looked at immediately. You can also prevent this from happening by scheduling regular aircon maintenance.

7. Burnt Out Capacitor. The capacitor is responsible for powering the fans and compressor, that is why if it has not been inspected for a while, it could burn out and cause your unit to stop working. Call the nearest aircon repair company in Singapore to schedule an inspection or replacement.

8. Strange Noises. Most modern air conditioning systems make less noise than the old models, that is why if you hear strange noises in the unit, turn it off and call the nearest aircon repair shop in Singapore. There could be loose or broken parts that might damage the rest of the unit.

9. Broken Compressor. The compressor is responsible for the movement of the refrigerant during the heat exchange in the coils. If it stops working, then your air conditioner will not be able to cool the room effectively. This can happen if the refrigerant has leaked or the unit has very low or high refrigerant levels. Call the best aircon servicing company in Singapore to make sure that everything is working properly.

10. Inconsistent Airflow. A centralized air conditioning system is prone to a lot of problems because of its complex framework. If you notice that one area of the office is freezing while some rooms are slightly warmer, it could mean that that there is inconsistency in the airflow, which could be a cause of faulty AC fitting. So, if you need to set up new aircon systems, hiring a certified AC expert from Singapore makes all the difference in ensuring thorough work at a reasonable cost of aircon installation.

11. Corroded Evaporator Coils. The coils in the evaporator are responsible for absorbing the heat in the room as well as blowing it back into the air duct. Good news, the coils will only need annual maintenance to make sure that they are working right.

12. Bad Odor. If you notice that the room smells of wet socks, then there could be a problem in your air conditioner such as leaks. The smell could be from mold and mildew inside the unit. If you smell burnt wires, turn off the unit and call an aircon servicing company in Singapore to inspect he wirings, blower motor, duct work, or bearings.

13. Dirty Condenser Coils. These coils are usually housed in the exterior unit, making them prone to the elements. With regular aircon servicing, however, you can be assured that there will be no problems in the performance of the unit.

14. Worn Contactor. The electrical connections in your air conditioner ensure that all the parts get enough power. Regular maintenance is required to prevent problems in your fan motor, blower motor, and compressor.

15. System Capacity. A common mistake in aircon installation is the failure to get a correct estimate of the type and size of air conditioner for a specific room or building. The aircon might be too small or too large to meet the needs, making it prone to a lot of problems. You should only consult a reputable aircon servicing company in Singapore if you need to install a new unit or cooling system.