10 Worst Laundry Stains and How to Remove Them

From lipstick rubs to wine spills, there are some stains that just won’t budge. It could be on the carpet or on your clothes. Whatever the case, stains can ruin your look and your entire day. We have rounded up 10 of the most common stains encountered by commercial laundry services in Singapore and some ways to eradicate them. Towel washing and uniform laundry will never be easier with these helpful tips and tricks.

  1. Tea and Coffee

Accidentally spilling tea or coffee on your office shirt doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, once they dry and set, they can be pretty persistent. When you thought you have completely eradicated them, a faint yellowish outline will re-emerge after you have washed your shirt. Before you quit drinking coffee, try soaking your stained shirt first in dish washing liquid and water solution. For older stains, dissolve two tablespoons of borax in a cup of water and pour it directly on the stain before washing it off.

If your DIY tea and coffee stain removal effort doesn’t seem to be effective enough, you can ask the assistance of your local laundry service. Not only do these Singapore laundry shops remove the stains off your clothes, but they also guarantee fast return of sanitized shirts.

  • Gum

Gum stains are not as difficult to remove, but can be gooey and disgusting to remove. To easily pick it off the fabric, throw in the stained garment in the freezer; the gum should harden in approximately 15 minutes. Once it solidifies, scrape it off with a butter knife. Once you’ve scraped off the most of the gum, rub the spot with vinegar to liquefy the residue. After the gum has completely come off, wash it as you would.

  • Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolates? But it’s much better in our mouth than on our shirt collar. If you love hot chocolate but you don’t like the mess it usually causes, don’t regret because you can always find a solution for dreaded chocolate stains. To pre-treat chocolate spills before sending your laundry to a commercial laundry services, mix a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, half teaspoon of ammonia and a cup of cool water. Blot the stain with the solution using a clean cloth. Do not rub. Your goal is to transfer the chocolate to the cloth, not spread it more on the spot.

  • Butter and Oil

Butter and grease are tough stains. Once they get into the fabric, they’re almost impossible to remove. That doesn’t mean, though, your uniform should go in the trash. Apply detergent with a sponge and rub it in. When dealing with thicker fabrics, scrub the spot with a soft-bristled toothbrush and then rinse.

  • Mustard

Mustard makes tougher stains than you think, so it’s important to remove as much of it right away before it starts spreading. Once you have blotted up most of the liquid, scrape up the remaining residue. Mustard acts as a dye, so it is particularly difficult to get it out of your shirt when it has stained. An ideal bet is to pre-treat your stained shirt with a spot cleaner and then soak it in bleach and cool water.

If at-home remedies just don’t cut it, send it to a commercial dry cleaning shop. The next time you wonder to yourself where to have a dry sanitation of my gown, head to your nearest laundry store in Singapore because sometimes your dry cleaning solvent isn’t enough.

  • Permanent Marker

Permanent marker may be named as ‘permanent,’ but it doesn’t mean it can’t be removed when it stains. One simple trick can rescue your favourite shirt: apply Amodex stain remover to the area. Rub the product in with a stiff-bristled toothbrush until the permanent ink is completely gone.

  • Rust

Even to professional laundry services personnel, rust stain can be very tough to tackle. If you want to completely eradicate signs of rust stain, take care of it as soon as you got the stain. Do not wait for your laundry service to pick up your dirty clothes to have the stain treated. Before even having your clothes sent to your commercial laundry services, pre-treat the rust stain with a solution prepared from two parts lemon and one part of salt. Let it seep into the stain by leaving your stained garment under the sun for two to three hours.

  • Lipstick

Lipstick stains aren’t as tough, but can be tricky to handle. Remove it by lightly dabbing the stained area with a clean cotton ball or soft cloth moistened with denatured alcohol. After treating the affected area, wash it well with an appropriate detergent according to your garment’s type of fabric.

  • Ink

Got an ink explosion in your pocket? This cleaning recipe will help you take the stain out. If you got your shirt inked, dab it with clear hand sanitizer—not the coloured ones. Rub the product a bit, then throw it in the washer. The alcohol will help loosen the stain and make washing the stain off easier. Same solution for treating inked faux leather couches, dab and rub.

Yellow Armpits

This is a common stain problem, especially in white shirts. Does your white uniform also have that nasty yellow armpits sneaking out? Get rid of it with a mix of hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid. Simply let your white shirt sit in the solution for a couple of minutes before hand washing or popping it in the washing machine. Do this trick all at once to every white shirt you have to make uniform laundry much easier.

When treating laundry stains, remember that the sooner you take care of it the better chances of removing them completely. Your commercial laundry services may be a pro at removing the toughest stains, but having the initiative to pre-treat it before waiting for your laundry service in Singapore to pick up your dirty garments is the best solution for preventing stains on leaving marks on your favourite clothes permanently.